EP 95 Punk for Nothing

The Novel Sound (high-res) square

Alt Title: Please Kill Me, An Election Special

They say songs are just songs and can’t really change the world.
This may be true, but they sure as hell can help a person blow off some steam- so wrap yourself in the Stars and Stripes, crank up your stereo, and scream as loud as you can.

Don’t Pray on Me – Bad Religion
Rise Up – Darkbuster
Their System Doesn’t Work for You – Anti Flag
Stab Yor Back – The Damned
Homophobes are Just Pissed… – Propaghandi
New Radio – Bikini Kill
I Refuse to Be a Victim – Jennywoo
O, Pennsyltucky – Mischief Brew
Weston vs. Total Chaos – 2.5 Children
In Defense of Humans – Fugazi
Houston We Have a Problem – The Queers
You’re Fired – Strike Anywhere
Government Flu – Dead Kennedys
Get Off Your Ass – SNFU
‘Merican – Descendents
Mexico – Manic Hispanic
Homba – Hank Robot & the Ethnics
Up to No Good – Los Benders
I Rot – White Lung
19th Hole – Gang Green
Propaganda By The Deed – The Pinkerton Thugs
Politicians – The Templars
Born to Lose – Johnny Thunders
Let’s Lynch the Landlord – L7

EP 95 Punk for Nothing