Ep 85 Don’t Be a Jerk

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This month is a PMA!

Learn to think and eat like a champ with Brad Warner’s Don’t be a Jerk and John Joseph’s Meat is for Pussies…this is self help for those who shun the concept of crystal healers, dream catchers, and angel statues. Learn to take control of your mind and body.

Special thanks to Estlin Sawyer, Matt Pelletier, Linder Peacock, The Taylor posse, Annie the Great, Brooke and Kris, Mike Jacques, Nolan T, Erica Manville, Erika Mitchener, Anna, Power Yoga, Just Train, and all those who helped me get my head around the past year.

Pardon me while I get all preachy…Here’s some hardcore for your ears…

Gorilla Biscuits – New Direction
Bad Brains – Attitude
H20 – One Life, One Chance
7 Seconds – We’re Gonna Fight
Verbal Assault – Trial
Fugazi – Epic Problem
Operation Ivy – Healthy Body
Youth of Today – Wake Up and Live
Minor Threat – Out of Step
Dag Nasty – Values Here
Rancid – Fall Back Down
All – Educated Idiot
Bad Religion – 21st Century Boy
Pigeon John – Life Goes On
Shelter – Empathy
Gorilla Biscuits – Cats and Dogs
Green Day – Knowledge
Crimpshrine – Easy Answers
Brother Ali – Forest Whitiker
Fifteen – Evolve
Circle Jerks – I’m Alive
The Avengers – We are the One

Ep 85 Don’t Be a Jerk