This Island Surf 13 A Clintful of Dollars

The Novel Sound (high-res) square

Yes. This is the worst title I’ve ever created.
There is no apology.

Los Plantronics – Golden Dawn Surf Patrol
Alohatomic – Clint Eastwood Gets Wiped Out
The Revelaires – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Susan and the Surftones – Spaghetti Beach
The Coffin Daggers – Something Wicked This Way Comes
Pedrito Diablo & Los Cadaveras
Los Peyotes – Garaje O Muerto
Mexican Wierdohs – Suavecito
Royal Knightmares – The Hipster
The Honeybees – Hip Shakin’ Baby
The Wet Tones – Surfin’ the Casbah
The Wavers – Surfers Rule
The Reigning Monarchs – True and Mighty
The Concussions – Fur-Lined Speedo
The Surf Teens – Bullwinkle
Wild Al Hotchkiss & His Aquaphibians
Los Pontiaks – Sin Combustable
The Phantom Surfers – Sloth in Madness
Los Derrumbes – Sham
The Sir Finks – Kights of the Long Board

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This Island Surf 13 A Clintful of Dollars