Ep 82 Youth Gone Angry

This here is the second half of the The Last Gang in Town podcast spectacular.

It’s an hour of punk classics for your angry and bored soul to savor. It’s fuel for your war against the state and The Man. It’s just a really fun show with some cuss words tossed in for good measure.

Show notes are available at http://www.thenovelsound.com
Drop me a line or send photos to thenovelsound @ gmail.com
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The Clash – 1977
X Ray Spex – Art I Ficial
the Adverts – Bored Teenagers
The Jam – Saturday’s Kids
The Damned – Neat Neat Neat
Iggy and the Stooges – I Got a Right
The Boomtown Rats – Looking Out for No. 1
Gang of Four – Damaged Goods
The Dils – I Hate the Rich
Alternative TV – Urban Rich
The Undertones – Emergency Cases
The Dyaks – Gutter Kids
Nuns – Media Control
The Dickies – Banana Splits
Menace – The Young Ones
Buzzcocks – Oh S**t
Stiff Little Fingers – I Don’t Like You
The Saints – Know Your Product
The Wierdos – A Life of Crime
Vie Squad – Last Rockers
Cock Sparrer – Where Are They Now?

Ep 82 Youth Gone Angry

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